How to Tell If a Guy Really Loves You

Have you been building a great relationship with a man that you adore for a while? Are you wondering when you are finally going to hear him utter the heart-fluttering “L” word in reference to his feelings for you? When it comes to discovering whether or not a man really loves you, “Actions speak louder than words” is more than a trite cliché; it’s your magic key to unlocking the truth about you that he hides in his heart. So how to tell if a guy loves you? Every man is different and takes this journey at his own pace, but there are some telltale clues that he might start dropping to reveal how deeply he cares for you. Let these indicators help you have the discerning eye needed to decode his clues.

How to Tell If a Guy Loves you

1) He communicates frequently.

When a man loves a woman, he can’t get enough of her. Is he making consistent efforts to touch base every day with a phone call, text, or email? You can be sure that he is invested in your relationship and wants a strong connection with you because time + energy = committed!

2) He shares intimate things.

To be vulnerable with another person about our most difficult experiences, fears, and foibles is only possible when we trust them. And trust generates love. If your man gradually starts to reveal details about painful breakups or perceived failures in his past, if he shares treasured childhood memories, or confides his closely guarded life dreams with you…chances are good he’s falling in love. If your guy frequently talks about his mother in loving and respectful ways, he might just be subconsciously signaling that he wants to marry someone exactly like her — and you might be the one!

3) He takes risks with you.

Have you ever watched a couple on the dance floor, and you just know that dancing in front of strangers was the last thing on earth that he wanted to do, but he’s out there feeling like a dancing fool for her happiness? That’s risk. That’s love! Anything your man does that is out of his comfort zone solely because you asked him to do it indicates that he places your happiness above his own. If he surprises you with tickets to The Nutcracker Ballet for your birthday, he’s a smitten kitten. If he buys a new suit for your company’s Christmas party, even though you’ve never seen him out of his boots and jeans, he adores you.

4) He treats you like you walk on water.

Does he treat you like a queen or princess, making you feel cherished and adored? How to tell if he loves you? Is he patient with you and slow to anger, even when you feel like you really might be acting less than reasonable? Does he gently take your hand when you’re getting out of the car, or offer to carry something you have in your arms, even your purse? All of these thoughtful, gallant gestures indicate that his focus is on your comfort and safety and that a protective display of love is in action.

5) He is very kind to your family, friends, and pets.

Taking on a sweetheart’s parents, siblings, children, dogs, cats, and turtles can be daunting for many men, especially if they are used to solitude and complete control of their space and time. If you find him bending over backwards to help your parents, comfort your child, or make sure your dog gets a walk or the cat is fed, you can be sure that he has emotionally accepted, and adopted, your loved ones as his own.

6) He starts peppering random conversations with the “L” word.

How to know if a guy really loves you? So maybe he’s not yet directly shouted out: “Hey! I love you!” But you’ll find the “L” word creeping into interesting places. Perhaps he signs emails with “Love, Me!” Or says: “I really love spending time with you!” or “I just love it when you do crazy stuff like that!” Be on high alert if you start hearing this word infiltrate his speech patterns. It just might mean that the “L” word is on its way to you in exactly the context in which you yearn to hear it.

7) He actually says the three little words.

As obvious as this sounds, men really do mean this when they finally say it to you. It’s not something to question, doubt, or take lightly. It might have taken him a while to build up the confidence and trust in your relationship to make this commitment to you. You’ve been patient and kept the faith in your own way, respecting his pace and process in getting there. So congratulations! Enjoy the moment! He will never again say, “I love you” for the first time. Hopefully, you’ll hear it many times a day for many happy years to come and will never again need to question his deep love for you.