How to Tell If a Guy Likes You: Top Signs That He’s Into You

Guys have a reputation for being romantically upfront, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, guys will often unknowingly play little games before finally asking you out. If you’re stuck waiting for stronger signs of affections, you may be able to get some peace of mind by noticing the most common signs that a guy’s into you. If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you, then follow this guide to learn the secrets of your guy’s mind!

Guys: Not So Simple

There’s a myth that guys are simple, but this can lead you to ignoring their common yet slight signs of affection. One of the most difficult things about guys is how little they understand your cues. You could be dragging him towards your bedroom and he still won’t get the hint. However, all guys are different, and while some understand your flirtatious blinking, some may need a more direct approach.

One of the best ways to understand a guy is to start by testing his reaction towards little things. When you laugh, try placing a hand on his arm or shoulder. He might move away at first, but that could just be his politeness. Do it again and see how he reacts. If he eases into your advances, you can push further since he probably likes you.

Oh, I Like That Too

So he asks about your interests, and you give him a girly answer. Your answer may have to do with makeup, fashion, or something that guys don’t typically enjoy. However, he may become suddenly infatuated with your topic if he likes you. “Makeup? Wow! That’s so interesting, so what got you into it?” Likely he doesn’t care, but he wants you to believe that he does. So if your date is asking you deeper questions about your topic, then take it as a good sign that he truly does want to get to know you better.

How to tell if a guy likes you: Silly Eyes

Some guys can immediately connect with your eyes in a heartfelt way, and others will stare at their own shoes until they get the courage to look up. This is why it can be dangerous to judge by their eyes alone, but you can focus on their pupils to see where their heart truly lies. If their pupils dilate when they connect with yours, then you’ve got a lover on your hands. Pupils often dilate when people are excited or have overbearing feelings of joy. Of course, bright lighting or alcohol could change the pupils as well, but if you see consistent dilation, then you’ve got a good sign.

Bring the Nerves

Guys will try their best not to be nervous, but sometimes, they can’t help themselves from getting sweaty palms and flustered speech. You may also notice some fidgeting or hair-swiping during time together. If your guy is a bit nervous, take it as a sign that he wants to present himself in the best light for you. He’ll likely calm down in the future, but for now, you can enjoy his nervous actions while knowing that they’re his own version of affection.

Mirror Mirror on the Guy

Guys wants you to feel comfortable around them, and they may subconsciously do this by acting more like you. Notice how you’re sitting during a date or outing, and pay attention to if he subtly mimics your moves. It won’t be anything drastic, but he may end up uncrossing his arms and resting his head on them if that’s what you’re doing. Take this as a sign that he cares, and in the deepest recesses of his mind wants you to feel comfortable with him.

Notice Anything Different?

Some guys are eternally oblivious, but many will notice even a minor change in your appearance especially during the she’s-so-amazing phase. If you do your hair slightly differently, wear a new shade of lip gloss, or simply present yourself in a different manner, he’s likely to take notice and provide a compliment. Especially during the early stages of flirting, guys will look for anything to compliment you on, and a change in your appearance is the easiest target for them. Some guys may worry about coming off too strong (think: “hey baby your eyes are like the ocean,”) but they can effortlessly comment about a change in your appearance with a positive tone and without worries.

How to tell if a guy likes you: A Manly Man

Ok, this classic sign is also one of the most annoying things a guy can do, but there’s a reason for it. Guys often read relationship advice from other guys, and a common thread is “not coming off desperately.” They want you to want them, and they believe that playing hard to get will make them simply irresistible. While this kind of works in a sick psychological way, nobody really has time for these games anymore. Regardless, your guy may wait three days to contact you after an initial date or outing. If he doesn’t immediately respond to your messages but suddenly reappears on the third day, then you know he found some “solid advice” elsewhere.

If he does this, you can call him on it by saying, “oh, you waited three days to contact me? Yeah, I read that article too.” This is a friendly way of saying, “don’t pull that with me” while also giving him an opening for, “oh, well I just really like you and…” Ok, he might be too nervous to be that smooth, but you can hope, right?

Terrific Tweets and an Incredible Instragram

If your guy starts getting active on your social media pages, then it’s on. It starts with a retweet, then maybe he likes your latest Instagram photo. Next thing you know, he’s jokingly tagging you in a photo of his own about some subject you both vaguely discussed. Yeah, guys are a little heavy-handed on the “liking” aspect, but at least you know he’s into you once he starts liking your photos from four years back. Ok, that’d be creepy, but he’s probably checking them out nontheless.

The Big Question

No, not marriage, but guys who are into you will likely ask if you are currently seeing someone. They may be direct, or it may be a more timid, “who do you live with?” Questions like this show that he’s getting a feel for whether you’re single or not. Hopefully he’ll be direct and ask you, but don’t be put off if he takes some time by being indirect. In all likelihood, he’s hoping for you to be single!

Pet Talk

If he likes you, he might start acting uncharacteristically cute with you. Maybe it starts with a nickname that’s close to your real name, then something a little funny, and soon he’s calling you the name of a furry animal. Guys do this more than you’d think, so if your guy starts ramping up the cutesy names, know that he’s truly into you!

He Keeps Looking Better

Guys want to impress you, and you may start noticing that he looks better each time you meet. His hair might be more stylish, maybe his clothes fit better, and his shoes are miraculously cleaner. In fact, he might even start wearing a subtle cologne. These are all signs that he’s looking to keep your attention, and he’ll change as much of his appearance as he can to keep you interested.

Excuses to Start a Conversation

Guys in general have no problem with silence or even walking away from a dead conversation. However, if he likes you, he will look for any excuse to keep the conversation going. He will talk about random things about himself, or ask you questions that aren’t interesting at all. The point is: he doesn’t want you to leave and does not want your time together to be cut short. Indulge him with answers, and during this time, he might get brave enough to share his real feelings!

Your Personality is So Hot

Along with compliments about your looks, guys that are into you will likely compliment how great you act. Your humor, intellect, and determination are all things that he’ll want to praise, and this is a sure-sign that he’s into you. Guys never tell their friends how much they admire their energy, so understand that this is a rare and special ocassion if he compliments you like that.

No Phone and No Time Restraints

Sometimes a guy has an important event after your date, or maybe they get a call that they need to leave for. However, most guys will put down the phone, stop the texting, and never check the time if they’re digging you. If he’s constantly on his phone around you, then he may not have the feelings you desire. If he forgets time completely and rarely checks his phone, then he’s yours 110%!

Every guy is different, but this guide should have given you a strong outline of what to look for and how to tell if a guy likes you or not. If you’ve ever noticed a guy acting strangely once he starts to like you, or if you have your own unique signs that he’s into you, then leave a comment below sharing your experiences! Talk to friends to see if they agree as well, and you may be surprised to learn that certain guys give off drastically different signals with other women. However, the more we understand guys and their dating schemes, the faster we can cut through the awkwardness and simply enjoy one another!