June 20, 2020

6 Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend. #5 Is So True!

Ah, love – is there anything better than being head over heels for someone? Oh yeah – when you two get to be super cute to one another! Maybe you have many cute things to say to your boyfriend but a lot of people think that a guy should be the one to send all the […]

Ah, love – is there anything better than being head over heels for someone? Oh yeah – when you two get to be super cute to one another! Maybe you have many cute things to say to your boyfriend but a lot of people think that a guy should be the one to send all the romantic messages and say the sweet things in a relationship, but ladies – guys need some love too! If you’re stumped for things to say that will make his heart skip a beat like he does yours, good news! You’ll find tons of great ways to profess your love in this article, no matter what stage your relationship has reached.

Puns Puns Puns!

Okay, so maybe you aren’t much of a poet – in fact, you may struggle to string sentences together when you’re thinking of cute things to say to him! Don’t worry – a lot of witty writers have already done all the heavy lifting for you. If you see an adorable saying, don’t be afraid to borrow it to confess your playful love for your sweetheart. The slogans on funny love-themed pictures are a great place for the tongue-tied lover to start, because these can be posted on a Facebook wall, texted or emailed every day, if you like. If you two haven’t exchanged the “L” word just yet and you don’t want to come on too strong, you can always substitute “Like” for “Love.”

Cute Things to Say To Your Boyfriend: Food Puns

  • Olive You
  • We Go Together Like Mac and Cheese / Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • You’re My Butter Half
  • I Love You More Than Bacon / Chocolate
  • You’re My Cup of Tea
  • I Love You a Latte

Social Media Shoutouts

You two probably spent a lot of time on your computers or smartphones, and that means checking your feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. If you really want to let him know how much you care, using your social media account is a great way to broadcast your love for your boyfriend. Imagine how proud and touched he’ll be when he’s just scrolling through his updates and sees that sweet post you tagged him in. Not only that, but all of your mutual friends will see how much you love your boyfriend and how awesome he is. Awwww!

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Update Affection

  • If you haven’t changed your relationship status yet, hop to it! Make sure you check with him first if you’re in a new relationship though – you don’t want to surprise him if he isn’t prepared for it.
  • Add photos of the two of you with cute captions like “Eating lunch with my baby – he treats me so good, he’s even sweeter than dessert!”
  • Share a picture that talks about how great strong, loyal, handsome men are and tag him right in the center of the image.
  • For longer relationships, use apps like Time Hop to re-share great memories, tag him in the comments and tell him you can’t wait to make even more.

Little Love Notes Everywhere

Sometimes the best messages are the ones that aren’t found right away. Leaving sweet little love notes for your honey to find days, weeks or months from now will remind him that he’s always on your mind, and that you care enough to leave him secret heart-warming words that won’t be discovered for awhile. You can use whatever pen and paper you have handy, or get a special paper and spray it with your favorite perfume so he’ll instantly think of you. That way, no matter how busy he may be or how far apart the two of you might be, he’ll feel like you’re right there beside him.

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: A Noteworthy Message of Love

  • Secretly draw a heart with your nickname for him on his clean, dry bathroom mirror. The next time he takes a shower, he’ll see your message in the steam!
  • If he’s reading a through a textbook for school, write a note saying how proud you are of his educational achievements and leave it towards the back pages.
  • Write a “for his eyes only” note about how his kisses make you feel and leave it in his car’s glove box.
  • Write an old-fashioned love letter to tell him how much you love his eyes – or other features! – and physically mail it to him, even if you live together.
  • Tuck a few short “thinking of you!” style notes in the pockets of his non-seasonal jackets – winter in the summer, etc.

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Text Him an ILU

If you’re like most couples, you two probably trade texts all day – but how much of it is just regular chatting, and how much is love? Put some spark in your relationship by taking a few minutes every day to think up cute things to say to your boyfriend through text messaging. They’ll let him know you’re thinking of him – not just with your brain, but with your heart too! A short message about how attractive you think he is or a quick picture of something romantic will get your point across in only a few words, ensuring that he returns to work or school after a break with a big smile on his face and that same warm, fuzzy feeling he gives to you.

Love, Smartphone Style

  • Give him compliments on how he looks today – “Wow baby, I love the way that blue shirt looks on you! I can see those muscles in your arms.”
  • Be playful, tell him he’s cute and ask him out on a date, even if you’ve been dating a long time.
  • Tell him how you’ve put up his picture on your bedside table, on your wall or on your desk – it will make him feel loved and missed.
  • Tell him that you’ve been having sweet dreams of him because you can’t seem to keep him off your mind.
  • Count down the days or hours – “Only 3 hours left until I get to kiss you again!” – to help get him as excited to meet as you are.
  • Send him a picture of a heart or other romantic picture you come across during your day.

Tell Him In Person

Okay, so notes and messages are fun, but they’re no replacement for real heartfelt words as you spend time together. Whatever you want to say to him, make sure that you’re giving him your full attention and vice-versa – no one likes to feel like they’re playing second fiddle to a cell phone, game system or computer after all. Hold his hand and look into his eyes as you give him a smile – he’s sure to know how deeply you love him when he sees how much meaning you’re putting into your expressions up as you cuddle together.

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Sweet Words of Love

  • Tell him how much meaning he’s brought to your life, and name something he’s changed for you for the better.
  • Let him know what your favorite feature of his is – maybe it’s his laugh, or how much he cares about animals, or how loyal he is.
  • Smile and tell him what kind of life you want to have with him when you’re older – strolls along the beach with your children or grandchildren.
  • Name a few of his accomplishments that you’ve noticed and congratulate him on working so hard towards them.
  • Remind him that you want to be just as wonderful a partner to him as he is to you.
  • Gush about how lucky you are to have snagged such an amazing guy, and how you count your blessings for him.

Express Your Love With Creativity

Do you have a creative talent? Whether you like to write, draw, make music or bake, your talent can be used as a way to show your love and send a message to your partner. If you like the all the  cute things detailed above but want to put your own spin on it – go for it! The love you two share is unique, so it’s only fair that the way you express it to him is equally “you!”

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Make Him Your Muse

  • Write him a song with lyrics that talk about your first date and how your love has grown.
  • Draw him a picture filled with “inside jokes” you two share
  • Create a special dinner or dessert with all of his favorite ingredients; leave a love note in sauce or syrup on the edge of the plate.
  • Take him dancing in a quiet park with nothing but a playlist of mutually-loved romantic songs.
  • Make a fun YouTube video about your feelings for him and send him a private link through email.

There are infinite numbers of cute things to say to your boyfriend, but hopefully these tips will help you get a head start on showing him your heart and making him feel loved. Always add a personal touch – a special memory, a funny nickname or a little symbol – into your notes to let him know it’s for the two of you to share. With these thoughtful reminders, you’ll fall deeper in love with every little word – and isn’t that the best happily ever after you can imagine?

P.s: If these aren’t the cutest, share with us your cutest things you say to your boyfriend in comment below!

Article written by chopxtix

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