Best Asian Dating Sites & Apps

best asian dating sites & apps

Looking for love in the Asian dating scene? Dive into the Best Asian Dating Sites, your gateway to connecting with Asian singles.

These sites, like a treasure trove of possibilities, offer a plethora of features tailored just for you. With a solid reputation and millions of members from different Asian countries, your options are vast.

The advanced messaging tools ensure seamless communication with other members. Thanks to the Cupid Media network, your search for love reaches global heights.

Countless testimonials and happy couples attest to the success of these sites. So why wait any longer? Embark on your own unique Asian dating journey and join the Best Asian Dating Sites today.


When it comes to finding your ideal long-term partner among Asian-American singles of Korean, Japanese, or Chinese descent, eHarmony stands out as one of the best Asian dating sites out there. With its focus on long-term relationships and personalized matches based on compatibility, eHarmony offers a unique and effective dating experience.

Unlike other Asian dating apps, eHarmony utilizes a comprehensive questionnaire to match you with compatible singles. This means that you won’t waste time scrolling through countless profiles that don’t match your preferences.

Plus, eHarmony offers a free trial, giving you the opportunity to test out the platform and see if it’s the right fit for you.


ThaiCupid offers a wide range of features and benefits for individuals seeking to connect with Thai singles. As one of the top Asian dating sites, ThaiCupid is part of the reputable Cupid Media network, which includes over 30 niche dating sites.

With a large user base of Thai singles, ThaiCupid provides advanced search filters and translation services, making communication more effective. The site allows for messaging and video chats, enhancing the user experience and enabling meaningful connections.

Whether you’re looking for friendship, romance, or a long-term relationship, ThaiCupid is a reliable platform for meeting Asian singles. Join the site today and explore the diverse world of Thai dating, where you can find your perfect match.


If you’re looking to connect with Asian singles, AsianDating is the perfect site for you. With its reputation as one of the best dating sites for Asians, AsianDating offers a wide range of features to help you find your perfect match.

Here are three reasons why AsianDating stands out among other Asian dating sites:

  • Extensive Membership Database: With over 4.5 million members, AsianDating has a diverse community of Asians from all Asian countries. This increases your chances of finding someone who shares your background and interests.
  • Access to Multiple Asian Dating Sites: AsianDating shares databases with over 30 other Asian dating sites, giving you access to a large pool of potential matches. You can explore profiles from different sites, expanding your options.
  • Convenient Online Dating App: AsianDating also offers an online dating app, allowing you to connect with Asian singles on the go. The app features a quick registration process and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and find your ideal partner.

With its impressive features and wide range of potential matches, AsianDating is a top choice for anyone looking for an Asian dating site or online dating app.


To continue our discussion on the best Asian dating sites, let’s now turn our attention to EastMeetEast, a platform that caters specifically to Asian-Americans seeking meaningful connections within their cultural community.

With over 700,000 members, EastMeetEast is a top choice for Asian singles looking to meet and find compatible matches. The site focuses on fostering genuine relationships among East Asians and encourages users to create detailed profiles with a Profile Completeness Score.

EastMeetEast offers a subscription-based model, with a monthly cost of $37.99 and a free option for women. The platform aims to facilitate long-term relationships through its cultural matchmaking features, ensuring that Asian singles have the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded individuals who share their values and cultural background.


Now let’s shift our focus to EliteSingles, a top choice for Asian-Americans seeking meaningful connections within their cultural community. With a large membership base of over 13 million members, EliteSingles provides a secure and trusted platform for individuals looking for long-term relationships.

Here are some reasons why EliteSingles stands out among other Asian dating sites:

  • Specialized search filters: EliteSingles offers search filters specifically designed to help users find Asians to date, catering to the needs of Asian-American singles.
  • Educated and serious users: Over 80% of EliteSingles users hold a university degree, making it a popular choice for those seeking a serious and educated partner within the Asian community.
  • Authenticity and engagement: With a fraud detection system in place and over 165,000 new members joining each month, EliteSingles ensures a high level of authenticity and engagement for its users.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, EliteSingles provides a reliable platform to connect with like-minded individuals within the Asian community.


Continuing the discussion from EliteSingles, let’s now shift our focus to Zoosk, another top choice for Asian-Americans seeking meaningful connections within their cultural community.

With a large user base of 40 million members, Zoosk is a popular option for those looking for potential matches on Asian dating sites. It caters to a global audience, offering a diverse dating experience in multiple languages.

Zoosk utilizes SmartPick technology, which learns from user preferences to provide personalized matches. This makes it suitable for Asian men and women looking to explore their cultural heritage and connect with like-minded individuals.

The platform’s matchmaking algorithm ensures that users have a wide range of dating opportunities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking meaningful relationships within the Asian culture.

With a subscription cost of $29.95 per month, Zoosk is an affordable option for anyone looking to explore the world of Asian dating.


Finding meaningful connections within your cultural community is made easier with Match, a top choice for Asian-Americans seeking to meet like-minded individuals. With a substantial membership base of 21.5 million members, Match offers a wide range of options for potential matches.

Here’s why Match is considered one of the best Asian dating sites:

  • Extensive Search Filters: Match provides a diverse range of search filters specifically designed for finding Asians to date. Whether you’re looking for someone of a particular ethnicity or cultural background, Match allows you to tailor your search to meet your preferences.
  • Personalized Matchmaking: Match is known for its compatibility matching and personalized matchmaking based on members’ profiles. This ensures that you’re connected with compatible individuals who share your values and interests.
  • Events and Groups: Match caters to Chinese-Americans and Korean-Americans by providing the option to join events and groups. This allows you to connect with others in your cultural community and potentially find love within your niche.

With its large membership base, advanced search features, and niche dating options, Match is a top choice for Asian-Americans looking to find meaningful connections within their cultural community.

Blossoms Dating

Blossoms Dating offers a reliable platform for individuals seeking to connect with Filipina women. As one of the oldest Asian dating sites, it has a trusted and reputable reputation within the Asian dating niche.

With a membership of over 50,000 individuals, Blossoms Dating provides a diverse pool of single Asian women to choose from. The site specializes in connecting men seeking Asian women, providing them with a unique and effective Asian dating experience.

While Blossoms Dating offers a limited free trial, it has a subscription cost of $29.95 per month. This ensures that members have access to advanced messaging features and a high-quality dating experience.

If you’re looking for a completely free dating site, Blossoms Dating may not be the best choice. However, if you’re specifically interested in connecting with Filipina women, Blossoms Dating is a reputable and trusted option within the Asian dating community.


If you’re seeking a reliable and effective platform to connect with Asian singles, TrulyAsian is a top choice. With over 400,000 members, TrulyAsian is one of the largest Asian dating sites available.

Here are three reasons why you should consider joining:

  • Meet Asian Girls: With over 80,000 women on the site, TrulyAsian provides a great opportunity to meet and connect with Asian girls from different countries.
  • Free Asian Dating Site: Unlike some other dating sites, TrulyAsian allows you to sign up for free. This means you can explore the site and its features without any upfront costs.
  • Advanced Features: TrulyAsian offers a range of features such as search, browse, and instant messaging. Additionally, the in-chat language translation feature helps you overcome communication barriers.

If you’re ready to start your Asian dating journey, TrulyAsian is the perfect platform to meet like-minded individuals and potentially find your soul mate.


Looking for a reliable and effective platform to connect with Asian singles?

AsiaFriendFinder is one of the best Asian dating sites out there. With over 7.5 million Asian singles in its databases, this free online dating site is committed to helping you meet single men and women from all kinds of Asian backgrounds.

Whether you’re in Asia, the US, or Europe, AsiaFriendFinder connects people of multi-racial descent, non-Asian, and Asians alike. It offers features like browsing and searching profiles, sending messages and private chat, and joining communal chat rooms.

The huge membership base gives you plenty of options when searching for diverse Asian users. And with numerous success stories and testimonials, AsiaFriendFinder proves its effectiveness in providing a unique Asian dating experience.


When it comes to connecting with Asian singles, DateInAsia is a reliable and popular choice for individuals like you. This totally free Asian dating site has over 100,000 members and offers a range of features to help you find your perfect match.

Here’s why DateInAsia stands out among other online dating sites:

  • Browsing and searching member profiles: You can easily browse through a diverse pool of Asian singles and search for individuals who meet your preferences.
  • Sending messages: DateInAsia provides advanced messaging features, allowing you to connect and communicate with potential matches.
  • Meeting Asian singles: Whether you’re an Asian single, living in Asia, or simply interested in Asia and its people, DateInAsia welcomes you to join their platform.

With DateInAsia, finding your ideal partner in the world of Asian dating is just a few clicks away.


FindLoveAsia, another trusted and popular Asian dating site, offers a multitude of features and benefits for individuals seeking to connect with Asian singles.

With FindLoveAsia, you can explore a diverse range of Asian countries to find your perfect match.

This free dating site provides quick registration and access to advanced messaging features, making it easy to connect with others.

As part of the Cupid Media network, FindLoveAsia is committed to helping its members find the perfect match worldwide.

The site also includes a Timeline feature and is LGBTQ+ friendly, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Whether you’re new to online dating or have tried other dating sites, FindLoveAsia is a great option for those looking to meet Asian singles and start meaningful connections.


With OurTime, you can easily connect with Asian singles using a wide range of features and benefits. This dating platform is one of the new sites in the Asian dating scene, but it has quickly gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and effective matchmaking system.

Here are some reasons why OurTime is a great choice for finding the perfect match:

  • Advanced search filters: OurTime allows you to narrow down your search criteria, ensuring that you find someone who meets your preferences and requirements.
  • Affordable subscription fee: Unlike some other dating sites, OurTime offers a reasonably priced subscription fee, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Active and engaged community: With a growing member base, OurTime provides a vibrant and active community of Asian singles who are serious about finding love.

With OurTime, your journey to finding an Asian partner becomes easier and more enjoyable. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals on this trusted dating platform.


You can explore the features and benefits of SilverSingles, a trusted Asian dating site that offers a secure platform for connecting with compatible partners.

As one of the new sites in the online dating scene, SilverSingles is specifically designed for single Asians looking for meaningful relationships.

With a large user base of single Asians, you have a higher chance of finding someone who shares your cultural background and values.

SilverSingles encourages users to create detailed dating profiles, allowing you to showcase your interests, hobbies, and preferences. This helps to enhance the potential for meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals.

With its secure and trusted platform, SilverSingles provides a reliable option for Asian singles to find their perfect match online.

Dil Mil

One of the most popular South Asian dating apps with a large member base and success stories is Dil Mil. This app is highly regarded for its ability to bring together individuals from various backgrounds and nationalities, creating a diverse and vibrant community for South Asian singles.

With Dil Mil, you can expect a unique and cultural matchmaking experience, connecting you with compatible matches who share your values and goals. Here are some reasons why Dil Mil stands out among other Asian dating sites:

  • Dil Mil is specifically designed for South Asian individuals seeking long-term relationships.
  • The app has gained a strong reputation for its success in fostering meaningful connections and true love stories.
  • As part of the Cupid Media network, Dil Mil benefits from the experience and reach of a trusted name in the online dating industry.

If you’re looking for a new site to meet Asian singles, Dil Mil is definitely worth exploring. Its large member base and success stories make it a top choice in the realm of Asian dating apps.

The Benefits of Online Asian Dating

Discover the numerous advantages of online Asian dating.

When it comes to finding love, online dating offers several benefits compared to traditional dating methods.

One advantage is the convenience it offers. With online dating, you can connect with potential partners from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to go out and meet people in person.

Another advantage is the wider pool of options available. Online dating platforms allow you to browse through profiles of individuals from various backgrounds and cultures, increasing your chances of finding a compatible match.

Additionally, common challenges in Asian online dating, such as language barriers and cultural differences, can be addressed through online communication tools and translation services.

Top Features to Look for in an Asian Dating Site

When searching for an Asian dating site, consider the top features to look for to ensure a successful and enjoyable online dating experience. Here are four key features to consider when choosing the right Asian dating site:

  1. Diverse Asian user base: Look for a site that has a large and diverse community of Asian singles. This will increase your chances of finding someone who shares your interests and values.

  2. Advanced search filters: A good Asian dating site should have advanced search filters that allow you to narrow down your search based on specific criteria such as age, location, and interests. This will help you find compatible matches more easily.

  3. Safety and security measures: It’s important to choose a site that prioritizes the safety and security of its users. Look for features such as profile verification, secure messaging, and privacy settings.

  4. Communication tools: A top Asian dating site should offer a variety of communication tools such as instant messaging, video calls, and virtual gifts. These tools will help you connect and interact with other members in a meaningful way.

Tips for Success in Online Asian Dating

To maximize your chances of success in online Asian dating, prioritize authenticity and communication.

When it comes to online dating safety, it’s crucial to be cautious and protect your personal information. Avoid sharing sensitive details, such as your full name, address, or financial information, until you feel comfortable and trust the person you’re communicating with.

Additionally, creating a compelling dating profile is essential in attracting potential matches. Use clear and recent photos that accurately represent yourself and write a captivating bio that highlights your interests, hobbies, and what you’re looking for in a partner. Remember to be genuine and honest, as this will attract individuals who are truly compatible with you.

Lastly, maintain open and honest communication throughout the process to build trust and ensure a successful online dating experience.


So don’t miss out on the chance to find your perfect match and embark on your own Asian dating adventure.

Join the Best Asian Dating Sites today and let love find its way to you.

It’s time to swipe right on happiness and find your ‘happily ever after.’

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