Ah, love – is there anything better than being head over heels for someone? Oh yeah – when you two get to be super cute to one another! Maybe you have many cute things to say to your boyfriend but a lot of people think that a guy should be the one to send all the romantic messages and say the sweet things in a relationship, but ladies – guys need some love too! If you’re stumped for things to say that will make his heart skip a beat like he does yours, good news! You’ll find tons of great ways to profess your love in this article, no matter what stage your relationship has reached.

Puns Puns Puns!

Okay, so maybe you aren’t much of a poet – in fact, you may struggle to string sentences together when you’re thinking of cute things to say to him! Don’t worry – a lot of witty writers have already done all the heavy lifting for you. If you see an adorable saying, don’t be afraid to borrow it to confess your playful love for your sweetheart. The slogans on funny love-themed pictures are a great place for the tongue-tied lover to start, because these can be posted on a Facebook wall, texted or emailed every day, if you like. If you two haven’t exchanged the “L” word just yet and you don’t want to come on too strong, you can always substitute “Like” for “Love.”

Cute Things to Say To Your Boyfriend: Food Puns

Social Media Shoutouts

You two probably spent a lot of time on your computers or smartphones, and that means checking your feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. If you really want to let him know how much you care, using your social media account is a great way to broadcast your love for your boyfriend. Imagine how proud and touched he’ll be when he’s just scrolling through his updates and sees that sweet post you tagged him in. Not only that, but all of your mutual friends will see how much you love your boyfriend and how awesome he is. Awwww!

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Update Affection

Little Love Notes Everywhere

Sometimes the best messages are the ones that aren’t found right away. Leaving sweet little love notes for your honey to find days, weeks or months from now will remind him that he’s always on your mind, and that you care enough to leave him secret heart-warming words that won’t be discovered for awhile. You can use whatever pen and paper you have handy, or get a special paper and spray it with your favorite perfume so he’ll instantly think of you. That way, no matter how busy he may be or how far apart the two of you might be, he’ll feel like you’re right there beside him.

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: A Noteworthy Message of Love

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Text Him an ILU

If you’re like most couples, you two probably trade texts all day – but how much of it is just regular chatting, and how much is love? Put some spark in your relationship by taking a few minutes every day to think up cute things to say to your boyfriend through text messaging. They’ll let him know you’re thinking of him – not just with your brain, but with your heart too! A short message about how attractive you think he is or a quick picture of something romantic will get your point across in only a few words, ensuring that he returns to work or school after a break with a big smile on his face and that same warm, fuzzy feeling he gives to you.

Love, Smartphone Style

Tell Him In Person

Okay, so notes and messages are fun, but they’re no replacement for real heartfelt words as you spend time together. Whatever you want to say to him, make sure that you’re giving him your full attention and vice-versa – no one likes to feel like they’re playing second fiddle to a cell phone, game system or computer after all. Hold his hand and look into his eyes as you give him a smile – he’s sure to know how deeply you love him when he sees how much meaning you’re putting into your expressions up as you cuddle together.

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Sweet Words of Love

Express Your Love With Creativity

Do you have a creative talent? Whether you like to write, draw, make music or bake, your talent can be used as a way to show your love and send a message to your partner. If you like the all the  cute things detailed above but want to put your own spin on it – go for it! The love you two share is unique, so it’s only fair that the way you express it to him is equally “you!”

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Make Him Your Muse

There are infinite numbers of cute things to say to your boyfriend, but hopefully these tips will help you get a head start on showing him your heart and making him feel loved. Always add a personal touch – a special memory, a funny nickname or a little symbol – into your notes to let him know it’s for the two of you to share. With these thoughtful reminders, you’ll fall deeper in love with every little word – and isn’t that the best happily ever after you can imagine?

P.s: If these aren’t the cutest, share with us your cutest things you say to your boyfriend in comment below!

That first date can be one of the most tricky experiences ever. You will be alone with someone you really do not know. There could be instances of awkward silence where you want to say something but you are not sure what in the world you should say. Here are some of the most important and best questions to ask a guy when you are going out on your first date. When it matters to you that this date goes well, it helps to do a bit of planning before you actually walk out the door for that date. It’s the perfect way to learn as much as you can about someone new so you can better determine if this person should be in your life.

1. What do you do in your free time?

This is an important question. Although many guys are happy to talk about work or school, you’ll really get to know them by better understanding what they do during their free time instead. Do they enjoy sports, politics, religion or just hanging out?

2. What’s your favorite food?

It’s a fun question, but it can be the perfect way to break the ice and open up a stalled dinner date conversation. Make sure it’s lighthearted and be willing to share, too!

3. Where did you go to school?

When it comes to top random questions to ask a guy on a date, you’ll want to make sure you get a bit of background. Learn about where he went to school, what he studied, and why. This can provide a fantastic “look” into who he is and what’s really important to him.

4. Do you like to travel?

This is an especially important question in situations where you know the guy does. Talk about the travel experiences you have had, too. You can also choose questions like this that you already know you have a connection with him through to keep the conversation active.

5. Do you like to go to the movies or stay home and watch TV?

This is sure to give you some insight into who he is and what motivates him. It’s also good to know how into culture he is and how well that fits with the lifestyle you enjoy living.

6. What’s on your bucket list?

Again, be willing to share your own. He could answer this question in many, many ways. The key here is to keep talking about hopes and dreams…opportunities and ideas. This is a fun, lighthearted way to learn more about his future plans.

7. What’s your social like life?

You can follow that up directly with, “Do you have a lot of friends around here..” The goal is to get an idea of who he is friends with, how valuable his friendships are, and how much of a role these friendships are likely to spend on your next day out!

8. What did you do today?

It seems like a strange question, but it is the perfect way to offer a bit of interest in his life. Just like you, he wants to know that you are the type of person he can reach out to and care about as well as interact with even on boring topics.

9. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you don’t do these things if you want this guy to hang around after this date!

10. Where did you grow up?

If you don’t know this, you can often get many guys talking about their childhood this way. You can then follow it up with the types of things he did as a child to have fun or where his favorite stomping ground is. Chances are good he’ll have fond memories to share with you.

11. What’s your favorite sport and sports team?

Be careful, for some men, this is a loaded question. For others, it is one that will bother them if they don’t like sports. And, be sure that when you ask these questions to ask a man on a first date, that you are giving him plenty of time to answer!

12. Do your parents still live in the home you grew up in? What’s it like?

Again, this is a great way for you to learn about his family and his past. It’s also a fun way to talk about your history and what makes your background interesting.

13. When’s your birthday?

Of course, if things go well you will need to know this information. In all other cases, you’ll want to be sure that you follow this question up with another one so that the conversation isn’t just a few words. For example, after he answers, you can say, “What do you like to do on your birthday?”

14. What are you doing this week?

Be careful with this question. You don’t want to leave him thinking that you are going to invade his every waking moment. Rather, you want to use this as an opportunity to talk about what’s on your schedule and to get to know he typically does.

15. Do you like this place?

If things get quiet, ask a question like this. You can often let a bad experience at a bar or restaurant lead you to a different location if the first place isn’t working. You can also follow it up with, “what are you doing after this” and see what he says.

16. What’s your perfect day like?

When asking a question like this, you can really learn what his true colors are. Look for a guy that’s willing to share what he does not just what he hopes to do. It’s also great information you can use later if you end up planning the next date.

17. When was the last time you went on a vacation?

No, you are not trying to gather information here so you can become a gold digger! But, you will gain some fantastic information about what he enjoys doing, what his experiences are, and what he hopes to do in the future (make sure you ask about that, too!)

18. What are your friends like?

There’s no time to judge here. Get to know him through the types of friends he keeps and find out what everyone tends to do on a regular basis. Give him a chance to talk about something that isn’t directly related to him. That’s important especially if you are asking a lot of questions!

19. What’s something you are really passionate about?

You also want to know why.

20. Do you enjoy your job (or what you are going to school for)?

And, of course, ask him why. It’s a good idea for you to let him talk about his work especially if it is something he’s worked hard to build up or something that seems to be very important to him.

21. What do you want me to know about you?

Sometimes, a guy needs a bit of prompting when he wants to talk about himself. With the help of a question like this, you can let him talk about anything at all. After all, you are both there because you want to share an experience and, in most cases, you want that experience to move on. Find out what he really wants you to know about him.

22. What do you really want to know about me?

Yes, just like the previous question, this is a pretty open one and that’s the point. You want to give him the chance to really ask anything that he may be thinking but may not really want to say. Of course, you still have to do your best to answer this question!

23. Who are you close to?

It’s likely that this may be a friend or a family member. It can give you an idea of what really matters to him.

24. Did you have a good time today?

There’s no reason not to ask this question! If you want there to be another night, ask it!

25. Will I get to talk to you again? (One of the funny questions to ask a guy)

Don’t be pushy with timeframes or even scheduling another opportunity. Instead, keep things open and leave this question open for him to answer, or not.

These are some of the best questions to ask a guy you like when you really want him to get to know you and for you to get to know him beyond what he looks like. It’s also a fun way to start any conversation!

Women attribute many traits to men, and this gives the male gender several stereotypes. One stereotype that has been around seemingly since the dawn of time is that men are liars.

Why men lie?

For this reason, women rank honesty high on their lists of must-have traits and look hard to find a man who doesn’t fit that “liar” stereotype.

Alas, the fact is that this stereotype is grounded in the truth. Men are liars! Someone who is looking for a completely truthful one is bound to be disappointed.

5 Big Reasons Why Men Lie

In many cases, knowing the driving forces behind a behavior can help eliminate misunderstandings and smooth out ongoing problems. While big lies are often signs of big problems, the little ones that have come to be associated with men are a different story. Allowing them to get in the way of a relationship may be a mistake. What drives a man to his seemingly compulsive minor fibbing? Here are a few of the top motivators.

1. To Avoid Certain Trouble

The age-old question, “Does this dress make me look fat?” is the perfect example of a question that will make a man feel compelled to lie. Answering that with anything but some variation of “No, you look beautiful in it” is a good way for a man to have his head figuratively taken off. Therefore, any man who has even heard of the scenario will say “no” even if the dress makes you look like a 10-ton tank. Any similar scenario will also result in lies for the exact same reasons.

2. For His Image

Men are notorious for their ego-pumping lies. There are even songs about it, with lyrics such as “I’m a doctor, I’m a lawyer, I’m an astronaut, I’m a movie star, and I own this bar!” While the song suggests that he’s doing it to impress a woman, the fact is that men like to make themselves look super in front of all humans regardless of gender. The most astute men will adjust their lies to match their audience, while those with less social savvy will use the same ones for everyone.

Those who are keyed in to what will impress their audience will typically use strength-based lies for men, and tales of their supremacy at the gym or in sporting matches can be expected. Women, on the other hand, can expect some of that along with plenty of bovine fertilizer related to their super-impressive jobs, huge salaries, and other such things. In all of these cases, the point is to improve social standing and the chance of getting the benefits that come with it. These benefits are different when they come from other men, but they still exist.

Other ego-based lies revolve around hiding some sort of misfortune or lack of performance. Men have been known to claim that they’re going to a job, when in reality, they were fired months before and haven’t found another. This is done to avoid losing social standing, avoid embarrassment, and to maintain relationships with women who they think would dump a “loser.”

3. To Avoid Doing Unpleasant Things

These lies are used to get out of chores, fixing things, and other such unpleasant work. The man will come up with something else that’s really pressing, twist an ankle, or otherwise beg off of the job. This type of fib is the male equivalent to a woman’s “getting her hair done” excuse.

4. Why men lie? Because They Can

For a surprising number of men, the ability to lie and get away with it is an ego-booster in and of itself. Therefore, he’ll tell a few fibs because he figures you won’t check. One example is if he says he graduated with high honors when the reality is that he passed with a C average. While it usually isn’t worth ending a relationship over a couple of lies of this nature, it can be wise to keep an eye out. A few ego-boosters are understandable, but compulsive lying about every little thing will destroy trust and may be a sign of a bigger problem.

5. When Lying Should Be a Deal-Killer

While most lies men tell are benign, this is not always the case. Be on the lookout for claims of working late, coworkers who spilled their perfume on them, having already eaten at the office or elsewhere, and other things like that. These claims are often used by cheaters, so you shouldn’t feel bad in taking steps to verify – or disprove – them. Of course, it may well turn out to be true that a man’s company is demanding a lot of overtime. It can be worth your time to drive by his office during the claimed hours and find out for sure.

In a Nutshell

Behind all the reasons why men lie, the great majority of the lies men tell are benign, and while they’re annoying, they generally aren’t a sign of anything bad unless the man is outright compulsive about hiding the truth. Some lies, however, are more than little fibs. Be on the lookout for any that could be a sign of serious trouble and follow up on those to be sure nothing major is amiss.